Rachel Malik
Rachel Malik
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Monday 15 April 2019, 8pm

Rachel Malik introduces her 2018 novel ‘Miss Boston and Miss Hargreaves’ which is based on the extraordinary life of her own grandmother.

‘Skilful, persuasive, thoroughly enjoyable, unexpected’ – Penelope Lively

When Rene Hargreaves is billeted to Starlight Farm as a Land Girl, far from the city where she grew up, she finds farmer Elsie Boston and her country ways strange at first. Yet over the days and months Rene and Elsie come to understand and depend on each other. Soon they can no longer imagine a life apart.

But a visitor from Rene’s past threatens the life they have built together, a life that has always kept others at a careful distance. Soon they are involved in a war of their own that endangers everything and will finally expose them to the nation’s press and the full force of the law.

Entry is £2.50, includes a glass of wine.