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Regrettably we are now completely closed and have furloughed our staff until restrictions are lifted.

We would have liked to continue supplying you by post and one of our distributors Gardners (an independent UK company), could send out single orders on our behalf, but unfortunately under the new system the postage and admin costs are so high that it’s not going to be affordable for us to bring staff out of furlough without passing some of those costs on to customers, which isn’t something we’d be comfortable doing.

However they also supply books through Hive.co.uk, and if you choose us as your preferred bookseller when you buy from them we get a small percentage, which means you can continue to support us, which would be fantastic!

We look forward to seeing everyone in the bookshop as soon as we’re allowed back. We miss you all.

Jo and all the team at Stokey Bookshop